My Favourites: Submarine ●●●●○


I’d like to introduce you guys to one of my favourite films: Submarine.

Submarine45Submarine is the sweet, coming-of-age comedy, set in a small coastal town in Wales, which tells the story of 15-year-old Oliver Tate. Played by Craig Roberts, he’s shy, pretty socially-awkward, and when it comes down to it, not really the nicest person in the world, but he’s likeable and relatable. He doesn’t know where he’s going in life – which fifteen year olds do? – but he has two goals:

1) Lose his virginity before he turns 16
2) Save his parents’ marriage, which whilst already weak, is damaged when his mum’s first love moves in next door.

At school, he’s crushing on the harsh, outspoken, yet still incredibly sweet Jordana Bevan, played by Yasmin Paige, whose home life proves just as problematic as Oliver’s. She has some brilliant lines in the film, those sarcastic quips which earn chuckles, and still her dialogue is honest, and the best part, realistic.

That’s something I adore about this film – its realism. A (rather impressive) writing and directing debut by British comedian Richard Ayoade, this film is incredibly British – there’s a nice array of British slang and accents – but also incredibly true to how teenagers act and speak and converse with each other. That’s nice to see in a film, instead of certain other films (maybe ones based off of John Green books) where they talk like Shakespearian actors and have these huge monologues. The language isn’t dumbed down to the point where they sound thick – it’s obvious that Oliver’s a complex boy with feelings who cares about his parents and Jordana.

The parents are an interesting point about this film, too. Oliver’s dad, played by Noah Taylor, is a depressed marine-biologist, and when his wife’s larger-than-life, mullet-wearing spiritual guru ex-lover moves in down the road, Oliver becomes increasingly concerned that this could spell the end of his parents’ marriage. The adults are very good in their roles, and aren’t over or underused, which is nice.

The other two noteworthy things about the film are:

a) the soundtrack
b) the cinematography.

The soundtrack… yeah, it’s adorable. All songs are written and composed by Alex Turner, lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys (how do you think I found this film?!), they’re all stripped-down acoustic songs and they’re all pure feelings.

The cinematography is also really good. I mean, it’s set in a coastal town in Wales – there’s your opportunity to get some beautiful shots, and Submarine does.

Overall, I adore this film, please check it out! It’s on YouTube, so there’s not really an excuse for you to not check it out. It’s sweet, it isn’t cheesy, it’s cute, and it gets a 4.5/5 from me!



Um… hi!


So, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m Eloise. But please call me Ellie, because that’s what I go by 99% of the time and the only reason I’m using Eloise’s Corner is because “Ellie’s Corner” is already in use (by a blog which literally has one post but oh well.)

I’m mostly just a huge movie fanatic. I can watch almost anything as long as it’s good, and even if it isn’t good, if it’s enjoyable, I’ll probably like it. I’m mostly into horror films, anything directed by David Fincher and the gorgeous indie films which deserve so much more attention than they get.

Then there’s music. I mostly listen to rock. Recently I’ve been getting really into jazz, and I must admit I know more Sugababes lyrics than I probably should (excessive exposure to them as a child has resulted in me knowing practically every song off by heart.)

And that’s basically all there is to know about me. Well, there’s obviously more, but I’m not writing my autobiography on a new blog post.

Well, thanks for checking out my blog 😀 Don’t expect anything huge. It’ll be mostly just movie reviews and music news. Maybe a spatter of video games here and there. And probably the occasional rant. Well, that’s all. Bye 🙂